Phlebotomy Training Online Options

Phlebotomy Training Online: What, Why, and How

Choosing online phlebotomy training programs can be as much a matter of preference as accessibility. Phlebotomy training online has its advantages that have made it an obvious choice for many in recent years. However it is not without its demerits. It is vital that you know what online training can do for you, and how you should go about choosing a program that is right for you.

Phlebotomy training online

Online training is a convenient option

Phlebotomy Training Online and Offline: Similarities and Differences

With the onset of the World Wide Web, more and more people have chosen to do their business online, mostly due to accessibility and cost. This holds true even for acquiring additional skills and further education. Physical and virtual phlebotomy training programs differ, mostly, when it comes to classes and facilities for hands-on training.


Both physical and virtual training programs expose their students to the same basic knowledge: basic anatomy and physiology, blood composition, sampling procedures, lab safety, and basic life support and CPR. Physical training courses, however, tend to have rigid class schedules, whereas online training courses can be less imposing.

Another thing to note is that physical training programs tend to be relatively long – the most credible ones can last anywhere from 6 to 24 months. On the other hand, you have more options for training duration when it comes to phlebotomy training online. Some refresher training sessions can be finished within a matter of hours, whereas some programs for beginners can be finished in as little as a couple of weeks. More comprehensive programs, on the other hand, can last anywhere from a couple of months to a couple of years.

Facilities For Training

Most, if not all, brick-and-mortar phlebotomy training schools have predetermined practice schedules and locations arranged by the school. For many phlebotomy training online courses, however, the students will have to be the ones handling these arrangements. For those wishing to get certified at some point, getting some hands-on experience is of vital importance.

Those wishing to become phlebotomists who are currently affiliated with or employed at any health institution willing to offer hands-on phlebotomy training, may find online training to be a good option. For those who are going into phlebotomy from scratch, a wise option would be to enroll in a school that can make their hands-on training arrangements for them. This ideally means enrolling in a physical school, however an increasing number of online schools have been offering this service as well.

How to Make the Most Out of Your Phlebotomy Training Online

Prior to making your choice of which phlebotomy training online program to take, you have to weigh the benefits against cost and disadvantages. This is so you can get the most out of your investment and get the best edge when applying for certification and employment. The areas that you need to cover when making the decision should include accreditation, coverage and duration of the program, and cost.

Check for Accreditation

Enrolling in accredited training programs increases your chances of getting certified faster as well as getting hired faster. Accredited schools have more carefully designed curricula, which means you get the most relevant information and, essentially, the best value for your buck.

Other Considerations for Choosing a Program

Online phlebotomy training program

Start your career by taking online training

The first and most important things that you have to consider when choosing your program are coverage and duration. You have to make this decision based on your current level of skill and knowledge. Prior work and classroom exposure can make shorter refresher courses a better option, whereas little to no exposure calls for longer and more comprehensive programs.

Another consideration should be regarding hands-on training. It is best to enroll in a training program that does all the training arrangements for you. But if it isn’t much of a trouble to make those arrangements yourself, then you can make your choice regardless of a program’s offering on this aspect.

The last, but not the least, consideration concerns cost. Many phlebotomy training online programs have, basically, similar curricula. You would be surprised to find, however, just how varied the costs are between these similar programs. Do your research on the programs you have already shortlisted based on the curriculum you have in mind. Look for those who have finished the courses you want to take via the internet and interview them regarding their experiences with the course. These steps should be sufficient in giving you an idea regarding the programs that are worth your investment.

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