What is a Phlebotomy Technician

The Phlebotomist is an Important Part of the Medical Team

Are you interested to know more about becoming a certified phlebotomy technician?  The practice of medicine in the healthcare sector evolves, just as everything in the world does. It continues to branch out into various professional roles, creating jobs and careers that are specialized in a certain area or field in the health sector.

With technological advancements and specialist roles continually being developed, the diagnostic area of the medical industry is one of the branches that is always advancing. Due to the continual growth in more specialized areas, the practice of phlebotomy evolved. The job of the phlebotomist is defined as the procedure that involves collecting blood and fluid samples and storing them in a way in which they will be kept uncontaminated and ready for diagnostic or laboratory testing.

The Need for Phlebotomy Technicians

phlebotomy technician

Phlebotomy Technician

Because of this continuous evolution, we now see a big demand for phlebotomy technicians. These qualified people receive a good salary. In the foreseeable future job opportunities and salaries are likely to increase because of the needed work force.

A phlebotomy technician that works in a hospital basically has the task of collecting blood samples or other fluid specimen to store and transport for diagnostic testing, or in future use for patients who need blood transfusions such as patients who are suffering from kidney failure. The first step to ensure that you land a job at a reputable hospital is to get certification, which is given to students who have passed the necessary training in phlebotomy schools.

By enrolling in and receiving proper training offered by a reputable school, you will become more confident and develop the required skills to become a certified phlebotomy technician. In the United States, the average salary of a phlebotomy technician is around $30000 per year which will continue to increase as you gain more experience in the practice.

The field of medical diagnostics plays an important role in the healthcare sector. Proper diagnosis results in easier treatment. The phlebotomist is vital in this process of diagnosis, and therefore requires appropriate training.

Phlebotomy Technician Training and Career Opportunities

Training courses impart knowledge of medical related courses such as human anatomy and physiology to ensure that you are well versed in the procedure and proper patient management. The training will teach you how to draw blood from the patient without too much discomfort to the patient. During the course you are also taught about how to compose yourself when the procedure is being done so that there will be less hassle to both you, the phlebotomist, and the patient.

This profession does entail hard work but the effort will surely pay off. The phlebotomy technician salary is good, so you can be sure of a financially stable career and satisfying way of living. Jumpstart your career by enrolling in a good school and passing the examination. You can search for a good school right here.

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