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Certification for Medical Assistant: Things You Should Know Before Applying

With the growth of the medical industry these past few decades, more and more professions have been designed to fill more specialized tasks. One of those professions is Medical Assisting. So much is the need for medical assistants in recent years that the job market is now being saturated with applicants hoping to find work in the field. In order to keep the quality of the profession up, however, more and more employers now look to hire applicants who have Medical Assistant Certification.

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What are the Responsibilities of a Medical Assistant?

The responsibilities of a medical assistant vary depending on the institution. In some institutions, they serve merely to complete administrative tasks for health practitioners, whereas in other institutions they can assist in more clinical tasks, such as phlebotomy. Regardless of the responsibilities and skills required for assistants, getting certification guarantees any medical assistant a higher pay.

What is Medical Assistant Certification?

Certification for medical assistant is a certification procedure given by the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA). The CMA-AAMA is a procedure used to gauge whether a person is fully capable of fulfilling the tasks of a medical assistant well. These tasks include, but are not limited to: administrative tasks, such as filling out billing and coding forms, giving medication to patients, phlebotomy, and taking vital signs.

Why Should You Get Medical Assistant Certification?

Medical assistant training and certification

MA Certification will give you greater career opportunities

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Medical Assisting is projected to experience an annual growth rate of 31% up to the year 2020. This is almost twice the average of growth rate for all professions. Until recently, the only requirement for becoming an assistant in the healthcare field was a high school diploma or any equivalent. The lack of any validation system threatened to bring down this occupation. This has led to more employers hiring an applicant having medical assistant certification.

Aside from gaining an upper hand, despite the more stringent employment requirements, getting certified brings about advantages in terms of wages. According to a 2011 salary survey done by the AAMA, certified medical assistants earn substantially more than those who are non-certified. Employers are willing to pay higher salaries for certified assistants, as the need for better patient care is experiencing greater demand by health-oriented organizations in recent years.

The last and most important reason for getting certified is that a certification is a reassurance that you are capable of doing your job well. In an industry where people’s lives, health, and general quality of life are being dealt with, every member should be able to do their job with as few errors as possible. Getting a certification holds certain requirements that, when met, serve as an assurance that a person is well capable of fulfilling their role, and more.

Requirements for Certification Application

Eligibility for getting certified with the AAMA comes in three categories: (1) graduating students or graduates of a medical assisting program from an accredited institution, (2) non-recent graduate of a medical assisting program from an accredited institution, and (3) re-certificant. Basically, AAMA requires all applicants to be graduates or soon-to-be graduates of accredited medical assistant training programs. If you are looking to become a medical assistant, finishing a credible MA training program should be the first thing on your mind.

Medical Assisting is a job that is currently in demand, and will continue to be in the years to come. In that regard, the need to regulate the profession has been felt, and consequently met by the existence of certifying procedures for medical assistants. Certification not only assures employers of the capabilities of an applicant to work well in the medical field, but it also serves as an edge for certified medical assistants, in terms of salary and job application.

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