Phlebotomy Glasses Enable Phlebotomists to See Veins Through the Skin

Recent developments in eyewear has benefits for phlebotomists. The innovative research by neurobiologist Dr Mark Changizi means that oxygenated blood under the skin becomes more visible.

The glasses enhance the perception of blood oxygen under the skin, meaning that the veins become more visible. They may prove useful for those in the phlebotomy industry, including nurses and clinical personnel who regularly undertake medical procedures where it is needed to see vasculature through the skin.

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Innovative Glasses Enable Clinical Laboratory Phlebotomists to See Vasculature Through the Skin

O2Amp phlebotomy glasses, 2AI Labs

New technology now makes it possible for the wearer of a special pair of glasses to detect hidden vasculature and changes in the blood through the skin. Some experts predict that this innovative technology might be used by medical laboratory phlebotomists to improve the collection of blood—thus raising patient satisfaction with phlebotomy services.

Eyewear Technology Shows Serious Potential for Medical Use

Developed by 2AI Labs, a company based in Boise, Idaho, the glasses amplify fluctuations of oxygen levels in hemoglobin just beneath the skin. The story was reported in Technology Review.

The technology has important potential in a variety of medical applications, not the least of which would be use in clinical laboratory phlebotomy departments. The patented eyewear is reportedly in phase testing at two regional hospitals.

Researcher and evolutionary biologist, Mark A. Changizi, Ph.D., serves as Director of Human Cognition at 2AI Labs. Changizi’s research showed that the ability to see color evolved so that primates could perceive these fluctuations of oxygen in blood hemoglobin. This was important because such fluctuations indicate significant “social signals.” These signals reveal information about the emotional states, such as embarrassment or anger.

“[T]he human eye is specifically tuned to see blood and the amount of oxygen in blood, right through the skin,” Changizi wrote on his website. “Your eyes naturally see two kinds of color change due to variations in your blood: oxygenation and concentration. (See O2Amp web page.) O2Amp lenses perfect what the eye does naturally, by removing noise from the blood signal, giving a clearer view of people, their health, vitality, and state of mind.”

Dr Mark Changizi explains the idea behind the O2Amp phlebotomy glasses

These glasses are sure to improve the phlebotomy experience for patients, raising patient satisfaction scores throughout the hospital and health system. Pathologists and clinical laboratory technicians are sure to recognize the importance of the increase in recent years of equipment and procedures that lessen patient discomfort during blood sample collection. The importance of these phlebotomy glasses is sure to add to the competitive edge in the phlebotomy marketplace.