Be Very Careful Before Paying For a Phlebotomist Training Program

When you’re looking for training in the allied health field, it is vital to do some research into the school that you’re thinking of enrolling with. We always insist that the student look closely at both the training and the school offering it. Otherwise you may end up with an unhealthy debt and a qualification that isn’t worth the paper it is printed on. Check out this story by Marimer Matos.

Students Blast Virginia College in Federal Court

Phlebotomy training

“Seven students claim in court that Virginia College, which got $293 million in federal student loan aid last year, lures minorities into its medical assistance program at up to $20,000 a pop for ‘worthless degrees.’

Lead plaintiff Tiffeny Anderson sued Virginia College and the Education Corporation of America, in Federal Court. Both defendants are based in Birmingham, Ala.

The students claim the school’s medical assistant program ‘did not meet the minimal standards set by its own accrediting agency.’ And, they say, ‘the fraudulent practices of Virginia College, and its failure to adequately train, educate, and certify plaintiffs has left them deeply in debt, unable to find employment, and unable to make minimum monthly payments on their student loans. The plaintiffs are left with the choice of either staying in perpetual deferment – causing loan balances to skyrocket – or facing default.'”


We can’t stress enough how you must be careful about where and how you get your phlebotomy training. However there are many excellent schools offering just what you need, and with the right attitude and attention you will get the best education for a happy and rewarding career!

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