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Phlebotomy is an exciting, rewarding career in a field that is growing rapidly. Are you ready to begin your new career? We are here to help you with the right information to help you succeed.

We have created this as a free of charge information distribution website dedicated to the Phlebotomy profession. We offer our visitors facts and information such as descriptions of colleges, lessons, certification, jobs and salary income.

Our goal is to give you the best information available. We strive to keep our website information and links current and accurate.

We may offer opinions and suggestions which will always be to the best of our abilities and understanding.

All information on this site has been collated from various sources which may include some or all of the following:

Educational institutions

In-house experts

Manufacturers’ information

Vendors’ information

Other websites

Offline sources

You are welcome to contact us with any queries regarding our website or concerning the problems or prerequisites of becoming a Phlebotomist.

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